Monday, January 18, 2010

Deja vu vis-a-vis Mali

I thought I wuz supposed to be in Bamako
If that title has a familiar ring to you, you have been following us a long time. Not arriving on time at various destinations is a mini-theme of ours, particularly in our blog The Reeds in Liberia. The last time we used it with reference to Bamako, Mali, the entire family was trying to get to there. It was August 2006.
Monday, I thought I would be boarding a plane for nine days in that capital city, most of the time spent in meetings with folks from the CRC's West Africa ministry/development teams. But due to a visa problem, I'll have to wait. The nice lady at the Mali embassy told me I could get the visa today, so we'll see. If all goes well, I'll write to you soon from Mali.

Yers Trooly, Tuesday

Oh, here is a link to that post from 2006:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Reed Family. I see you all are well. Kiss and hug each other for me, miss you "guys". Hope to see y'all soon.