Monday, June 8, 2009

6 Weeks and Counting Edition

ReedNews Update: June Edition

As you know, we've been in the US since late November waiting word from the US government on when Renita's applications for citizenship would be processed. This would allow us to leave for Ghana unfettered by certain regulations related to her soon-to-be former status as "permanent resident" of the US, which of course for the last four years, she wasn't. (Its ok to be confused.) The Reeds have enjoyed the extended stop-over in the Great Lake State, even though while here we've never quite escaped the feeling of being in limbo. But nothing matches the sights, smells and tastes of theses places we've known since childhood. And I doubt they'll have rhubarb-cherry pie in Ghana.

But now we can report a change in our status. Renita received her long awaited letter from US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS-- used to be called INS for Immigration and Naturalization Services) She will interview for US citizenship on July 1, and assuming citizenship is granted, she'll apply for her passport, then all we'll apply for visas to Ghana, and as soon as possible, we'll be outa here. Departure date is still in the haze, but we are aiming for the last ten days of July.

Renita and I will head out first. This will allow us to find a house and car, and some of the rest of what we'll need to begin operations there. Hannah and Noah will leave Michigan and arrive in Ghana in mid August, and almost immediately begin school there. Hannah is working at a youth camp for the summer and finding some time to enjoy the many friends she made in the short time she's been around. Noah will do a fair amount of camping, hang out with friends, and enjoy this shortened summer as much as he can.

Heath update: I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to those of you who kept up with Noah and I as we each went through our medical appointments-- his with the scalpel and mine with the dreaded Plasmodium. Noah's throat is healed and his voice is much clearer. As for me, even though I was out of the hospital by May 16, it took until just recently for the anemic fatigue to go away. Now I feel great. As I keep saying, when you've been really sick, simply feeling normal feels fantastic.

Anyway, once again, we've got to get ready for a transatlantic move, so suddenly we feel pressed for time. Is six weeks enough to move the Reeds, bag and baggage, to Accra Ghana? And when we get there, what will we find?

As always, we are moved to tears when we remember that many of you go with us in spirit, and follow us on the blog, and send us email, and phone us, and a few even come out for a visit. You care about us, and the people of West Africa and we never take either for granted.

Stay Tuned. Its about to get very interesting.