Monday, July 27, 2009

If it's Monday, This Must Be Liberia

Renita continues on her whirlwind tour West Africa. She left Ghana Saturday after only two days there, but it was time enough for her to secure a house and do some other preparatory activities for when she returns to Accra. For some reason. I keep thinking she’ll one day come back here, but no—she’s not coming back. We’re all joining her there. It’s a weird thought.

Like I said, on Saturday she left Ghana—on her way to our old stomping grounds in Liberia. Immediately upon arriving, she headed straight for Foster Town and the hotel on Thinkers Village Beach. Our old friends and family did not know she was coming, so all were shocked and delighted to see her. Monday is Liberia Day, so there will be a feast and lots of partying around the neighborhood. She’s already met with the leaders of FACT, the local community development group, and offered her wisdom to some local squabbles. Mostly though, she’s just enjoying being back.

The rest of the week will continue to whirl by for her. On Tuesday, she’ll meet with the Partners Worldwide in-country affiliate, LEAD inc, to continue planning and catching up with her old co-workers/friends there. On Wednesday, she travels-- by taxi—into the interior, all the way to the border of Cote d’Ivoire, where she’ll cross that border, and if the roads permit, head into the hills to meet up with the Ivoirian affiliate, and she’ll stay there in the up-country for four days. Quite the adventure for the girl from Red Deer.

Meanwhile, back in Grand Rapids, the kids are squeezing every ounce of fun they can get out of this place. They’ll both be at the Camp Call Turf Adventure Camp until Friday, running through obstacle courses and climbing high ropes. I will be holding down a half-packed fort, waiting to pack the other half and trying to remember what I forgot. We are on the cusp of two phases of our lives, and the view is a bit nerve-wracking and at the same time sobering. Stay tuned, I may have an extra edition for you later in the week.

Why, it's Eastman, running up to greet Mrs Trooly!

... and baby Renita! What a doll. No, she did not recognize big Renita.

My dear wife, with a newborn baby at Eastman and Trokon's house. Thats Eastman's mom looking over her shoulder.

A Family chat with Patence, mother of Rae-Rae (little Renita) in the blue.

Eastman took this shot. That's Enoch, second from left, and Trokon barely in the picture on the right. I don't know the other two.

Taking it easy at Thinker's Village.