Monday, December 28, 2020

Balance Sheet of Life

At the end of the year, many of us do various assessments on our life.  Some of us look only at the last twelve months and some of us look at a longer context. 

I do a lot of teaching for businesses on how to create a balance sheet.  Balance sheets for businesses are very important as it shows a "cumulative" snapshot of the business over time.  Assets must equal (balance) liabilities and owner's equity, and much of the assets should show up as owner's equity and not in loans.  We do practice sessions where we look at a business' balance sheet to interpret what is going on with the business.  It tells the story of the business - not the whole story of course - but important aspects.

One of our DML team members from Nigeria posted the following "Balance Sheet of Life" which I thought is an interesting way to look at ourselves.  It too is not the whole picture of course but becoming more and more like Jesus means I need to be increasing assets (from His point of view - not the world's point of view), decreasing liabilities, and keeping my eye focused on the goal of the business of my life, which is to glorify God, point to the Creator, and help the world (creation and its people) flourish.

Balance Sheet of Life:

Birth is your opening stock.
What comes to you is credit.
What goes from you is debit.
Your ideas are your assets.
Your bad habits are your liabilities.
Your character is your capital.
Your happiness is your profit.
Your sorrow is your loss.
Your knowledge is your investment.
Your age is your depreciation. 
Death is your closing stock.

And God is your auditor.

Always endeavor to keep your balance sheet perfectly balanced because your Auditor will come back sooner than later.  Keep your books in proper order! 

We can't keep our books in perfect order, unfortunately.  But thankfully, Jesus is the ultimate book-keeper who balances our books and keeps us in the Father's business!

I am thankful for this past year and all the good that God brought out of the significant challenges of this pandemic.  Our DML family has grown closer and has increased its spheres of influence despite the lock-down and economic challenges.  

I pray that you too may look back on this past year and see God's hand, despite the challenges.  May God bless you in 2021!