Monday, July 12, 2010

And finally, a word from Noah

Noah is off for a service project this week in Holland, Michigan but before he left he sent me his blog entry, which is below. I think, if you read it closely, you may well hear Bob's sense of humor coming through....
Hey all, I guess it's time I write this blog and get it off my back. I have struggled with what to write about for a while and I have decided to talk about this camping trip I went on last weekend. It was an awesome camping trip, although it was very tiring. The Steenwyks (the family with whom I am staying), their strange dog/who-knows-what, and I went up to Mackinaw. We camped in a site in the Upper Peninsula. On day one (Saturday), we traveled to Mackinaw City and walked around all day looking in shops and going through different historical places, like old lighthouses and forts. The next day (Sunday if you're not entirely sure) we went up to Tahquamenon Falls (thank goodness for google so I can check my spelling) and wandered around there the entire day. The waterfalls were stunning. It was an awesome place to be. By this time all of us, including the dog, were wiped out but there was one last place we wanted to go to on our last day. Mackinac Island. We got on a ferry at 8:30 am and drove? (dunno the word for being boated to different places...) to Mackinac Island. That place was awesome except there was tons of walking and dodging horse poop and climbing hills. But seeing the awesome old forts and rocks and what not definitely made up for it although the dog thing had a tough time with all the walking. But enough talk, here are some pictures I took. I would have more but the camera I have doesn't have much memory space left on it.

We finally arrived in Mackinaw after a four hour car trip.

Fort Michilimackinac, where we would spend the next few hours wandering around.
Matt Steenwyk, the oldest child, messing around in some uniforms we found in the fort.

A picture of Mackinac Bridge from the top of an outpost in the fort.
Out of the fort, we went to an old lighthouse and climbed up to the top of it.
The view from the top was spectacular.
On the ferry, traveling to Mackinac Island.
There it is! Land ho!
Mackinac Island, only horses and bikes.
Entrance to an old cemetery. Oooh spooky.
Arch Rock, a really cool rock in the shape of an...uh...arch.
Another awesome view of the fort, overlooking Mackinac Island this time.
In the fort, a view overlooking a beautiful area of Mackinac Island.
Tired from all the walking, it seems Ben, the youngest male child, has gone insane and is octopus hat?

Back on the ferry, tired out from walking, we head back to our camp site.

The dog, named Daisy (huge misnomer here), extremely tired and did NOT want to be bothered. Well, that's just too bad, Daisy! Muahaha...
Bothering the dog, it seemed to have just died...

"Noahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lemme alone..."
FUDGE!!! Mine...all mine!!! No...I wish.

Almost last picture of the Bridge.

And so that was our camping trip. Lots of fun! Sorry, I did forget my camera when we went to Tahquamenon Falls so I have no pictures of that sadly...oops.