Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Kenya and Happy New Year!

On Sunday morning, as we prepared to leave Mt. Elgon National Park, Hannah thanked God for the splendor of His creation and how blessed we are to catch just a glimpse of it.  My kids know that despite the hardships of being missionary kids and losing their father, they are incredibly blessed to see so much of the world, a privilege that many people never have the chance to see.

Since arriving in Kenya, we have traveled from Nairobi to the far western part of Kenya, catching a glimpse of Uganda.  We have visited Lake Naivasha, Lake Nukuru, and Mt. Elgon; we have seen countless animals and incredible views.  Kenya is a beautiful country.  I will let the pictures tell the story:
The view outside of Nairobi, on the way to Western Kenya
Zebras along the road in Naivasha
Boat ride to see some of the 1500 hippos that call Lake Naivasha home.  Note Hannah's excited expression.  :)
Our friend and colleague, Greg Snell, put us up at his amazing house.  This is their deck.  Quite the view!
Some of the aforementioned hippos.
A fish-eagle grabbing a fish...pretty cool.
Lake Naivasha is home to 450 different types of birds - some of them pretty amazing.
Hannah's picture, capturing the beauty of the sun through the clouds.
The beautiful and stately giraffe.
Next to Lake Nakuru National Park, which has experienced a lot of flooding of late.
The buffalo seemed happy to see us.
A sighting of a black rhino.
Lake Nakuru National Park is home to about 200 rhino.  There are several white rhinos resting in this picture.
Lake Nakuru is known for being home to many, many flamingos.  However, the flamingos have been leaving with the rising water and the changing habitat.
Two male implalas fighting over who would get the available group of 30-50 female impalas.  We witnessed the fight and saw the winner.
The lovable but forgetful warthog. 
Further view of flood damage at the lake.
A waterfall found within the park.  And a good looking and lovable son next to it.
Lots of baboons seen at Lake Nakuru and at Mt. Elgon.
Hannah and Noah are amazed by the amount of cows, sheep, and goats in Kenya.  Quite a difference from West Africa. 

After hiking six kms uphill when our car broke down at Mt. Elgon, we finally reached the top of the Endibiss bluff.  Unfortunately, Hannah got too close to the edge and we almost lost her!!!
Just kidding.  :)
Christmas morning - they both clean up pretty well, don't they?  Noah loves to wear suits - yes, you heard me right...the same Noah whom you have seen day after day in black t-shirts and jeans - and I love that he loves it!
Happy New Year to all and may God bless and keep you in 2014!