Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mid-week Reed Update

Hi folks,

We missed the last two Mondays and thought we'd do a mid-week post to catch up a bit. The three of us arrived back in Ghana yesterday (Tuesday, August 3). All of us expressed happiness at being back home and in our own space. Hannah commented on how it is strange that she is more comfortable in Africa than in America, although I think that has something to do with staying in our own house. All of us were glad to unpack our bags and put away suitcases for the first time in five-seven weeks.

Hannah and Noah will begin school on August 16, so they have a week and a half of some down time to resettle and catch up on sleep.

Below are some pictures that capture some of the fun, family, and friends that we feel so blessed to have experienced in the last few weeks.
No summer would be complete without an ice cream that is so big it makes you sick. Here is Hannah with her friend, Hannah.

Noah leaving on his service project in Holland, MI with his friends, Matt (left) and Sam (right).

Noah loved being able to drive a boat around Indian Lake.
Hannah and her friend, Dan, relaxing in a hammock.
Noah and a captured turtle, caught while fishing at the end of the dock at Big Star Lake.
My nephew, Peter, teases the open mouth bass he just caught. Or maybe the fish is teasing Peter?

My brother, Henry and his wife, Marnie were able to join us for a few days, which was a real treat!
My mom was able to join us for the full two weeks at the cottage, which was a great joy for both of us. She was able to get some rest as well from being full-time caretaker of my father who is suffering from Alzheimers.
Noah reflects thoughtfully at Michigan's Adventure with some sort of creature on his head.
My sister, Janette, who played host to many of us along with her husband, Dale, enjoys a cuddle with her dog, Brody.
Just arrived back in Ghana, Noah assumes the cool look, hiding behind his shades and long locks.
Every time we go on vacation, we come back to skinny dogs, despite the more than sufficient amount of food we leave behind. Note how skinny Jack looks. However, the other two dogs don't look skinny as they both are pregnant. Yikes.