Monday, June 4, 2012

A week in the life of Noah

Noah has had quite a week.  On Monday night, he returned from a great trip to Barcelona, Spain.  On Tuesday, we had his graduation party with all the seniors and parents.  On Thursday morning, there was the award ceremony at AIS and on Thursday afternoon, he graduated.  On Friday, we left Ghana, arriving home on Saturday evening.  On Sunday, we had his open house, and on Monday, he started his new job with Spring Hill Camp.  Quite a week for this young man!

At his graduation, Noah was the salutatorian, as he ranked second in the class.  If you would like to hear his speech, click below.  I thought he did a great job. 
Noah doesn't know when or if he will return to Africa.  He left Grand Rapids at the age of ten and now returns to the US at the age of seventeen. It will be a transition in his mind to think that he is staying in the US indefinitely but he has enough going on that he will be kept busy during this transition. 

Here are some pictures from his trip to Spain and his graduation.  And also attached is the slide show that I put together of his life so far, set to the song Power of a Moment, by Chris Rice.  One thing that Noah knows how to do is enjoy the moment - he did not inherit his mother's tendency of always thinking, "What next", but rather his father's ability to enjoy the present.  I believe these pictures capture that ability, not to mention his love of the moment.  Enjoy!
Sagrata Familia in Barcelona:  This will be one of the largest churches in the world when it is completed.  It was begun in the mid 1800s and is not expected to be completed until 2050. 
The students were involved in a service project while in Spain.  Noah was doing yard work...and apparently acting up:-).
Before the graduation....looking cool and feeling cool!
The graduating class - eight students, seven different nationalities:  Ghana, Japan, South Korea, Benin, South Africa, Ethiopia, and the US.