Monday, January 30, 2017

Meet Pastor David, a Kenyan Marketplace Minister

DML Story:  Kenya

Sasia Agric Enterprise, Pastor David

Meet David, a pastor with Graceway Ministry, a DML Trainer and owner of Sasia Agric Enterprise. ‘Sasia’ is a Luyha word meaning “multiplication’ and true to the name, Pastor David does just that. This is one marketplace leader who started from very humble beginnings and we share with joy where God has brought him to today.

Pastor David started out with selling bread supplied from a local factory.  This small business endeavor allowed him to start a small plot of horticultural farming. With the profit from that plot of land, Pastor David ventured into a medicine-vending business where he was licensed by the Ministry of Health to sell specific type of drugs. This business did well, earning him enough to purchase a residential plot after some years. He managed to put up several rooms; renting out five of them for a rent of ksh3500 per month ($35 USD). His family took up residence in some of the rooms and by living there, he has managed to supervise the plot’s cleanliness, renovations and security. The rental income then gave birth to the lease of an 8-acre piece of land at Bidii- a farmland in the outskirts of Kitale town.

He plants maize, beans and horticultural crops that have a shorter growing season. He does so well that his plot has drawn attraction from the County Agricultural offices and has often used his farm as a demonstration farm for the community.

He heard about DML and trained at Faith Tabernacle Church in Kitale, a church that is passionate about the DML ministry. So inspired was he by this ministry that he pursued to be trained as a trainer. He now takes up training in other churches whenever called upon by the DML office.  Indeed, he is one of our most active and available trainers. He trains with a passion as one who lives out the very lesson of calling in the marketplace.

Pastor David never ceases to pursue opportunities as he is currently handling a Government tender to restore culverts in his community and in the county. This he is doing in partnership with a constructor with whom they registered a firm recently. Indeed, he has proved that the sky is not the limit; self is!  With the use of irrigation canals he manages to have a crop all year round.

KUDOS Pastor David! You remain an encouragement to all marketplace leaders!