Monday, April 11, 2016


My goofy kids, loving to pose for the camera...or not.
On Thursday, I leave again for one month, spending two weeks in Kenya and two weeks in Ethiopia.  I will get back just a few days before Noah graduates from Calvin College.  That's right - both of my kids will be college graduates. To think that they both have started and completed these major milestones without their Dad's presence reminds me of how fast time moves. 

Judy King and I
While it's true that I got back from Kenya just two weeks ago, I came back for a very specific reason other than seeing my dear husband and children.  I had been invited by a dear friend and prayer partner, Judy King, to attend a conference in Alabama called a "Ruach Journey."  Ruach is the Hebrew word used in the Bible for God's spirit and the human spirit. This conference was a guided spiritual retreat, with about 100 women in a beautifully peaceful and serene setting to get in touch with our spirit and with God's spirit.  It was a great blessing and I believe the message is one that will continue to develop in my spirit over time.

As I head back to East Africa, I continue to look forward to how God will continue to roll this work out in His Church and through His pastors.  I look forward to see how the pastors respond to the Discipling Marketplace Leaders intensive two-day training that we will be giving in Kenya; I also look forward to seeing how the Church in Ethiopia responds to the message of DML.

Please continue to pray for this work, as we seek to reclaim the redeemed Marketplace and help people understand how to be the Church from Monday-Saturday.

Walks in the morning, with the mist rising off the lake - so peaceful and beautiful.
As the sun rises, asking myself, "How is my body?  How is my soul?  How is my spirit?"