Monday, December 7, 2020

The Fellowship of Family

I am thankful to report that I made it safely into Canada.  It was close - when the border agent realized I would be staying with people over the age of 65, there was much concern but they decided that if my mom approved of it, then they would be alleviated of any risk.  

But they did inform me that I was not to leave the property of the house where I am staying for fourteen days, and that the fine for breaking the commitment had increased from $750,000 to $1,00,000.  When I asked why the fine went up, the border guard said that it was "to put fear into people for compliance."  I told her that I was afraid at $750,000!

The fellowship of family is a wonderful thing.  I have had such a blessed week with my mom and my aunt.  I haven't left the house but I haven't felt the need to either.  I have an office to work in, coffee breaks with my mom and my aunt, and evenings full of rich conversation.  [My aunt is very much like me - not very good at chit-chat, so we get to deep, deep topics almost immediately together!]  I think that being in my 50s brings a different level of understanding of these important relationships that earlier decades see in a different light.  So I am learning, listening, laughing, and loving!

On Saturday, we spent a part of the day making a plaster cast of my mom's and my hand together.  It was a lot of fun and we are left with a beautiful stone that captures the unique characteristics of each of our hands.  It is something that we will both treasure together.  

At the same time, the COVID numbers continue to go up for Faith Manor in Holland Christian Homes in Brampton, where my father is living.  We had a Zoom call with him on Tuesday, which his nurse Marlene facilitated.  He had no idea that we were there on the Zoom call but it was good to see him for a few minutes.  We are thankful that he is not aware of the pandemic at all nor is he in any discomfort.  The staff, however, are very aware and asked for prayer as many are afraid.

Here is a picture from that Zoom call.  My sister Liz is on the top left, then my mom and I on the top right, and my dad is below.  It looks like he is smiling (which would show recognition of us being there) but alas he is in fact grimacing as he itched his leg.  But it looks like a smile!

And while I quarantine, I continue to be amazed at the doors that God is opening for DML.  We had conversations last week with different groups that would allow for opportunities in Puerto Rico, Cuba, a new denomination in Liberia, and a new Bible Education organization in Cameroon.  This week will also bring some new speaking opportunities, for which we praise God!

Thank you for all who prayed that I could get into Canada.  I am most grateful!

Proverbs 17:6 says, "Children's children are a crown to the aged and parents are the pride of their children."  Amen!