Monday, June 16, 2014

Pictures from the Wedding

We just returned to Grand Rapids and have received a few pictures from our photographer that we thought we would share with you.  We are so thankful for all the family and friends who showed their support to us during our courtship and wedding!  We were amazed and humbled at how many people traveled great distances to celebrate with us - from Ghana, West Africa; from California, Boston, Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois; and from many places in Canada, such as Thunder Bay, Toronto, Niagara, Chatham, Hamilton, and Georgetown. [Some people said this was a Canadian wedding because there were so many Canadians present!]

Lighting the unity candle
The Happy Couple :)
(L to R) Noah, Hannah, Michael, Renita, Jonathan, Benjamin, Mary Ellen (Michael's sister), Michel (Michael's brother-in-law)

Our cake also had two chocolate computers on the top, one reading "Dear Michael" and the other reading "Dear Renita."

Ah yes.  Live long and prosper.  This is what you do when your new spouse and your children and the photographer are all Trekkies!


Anonymous said...

It's live LONG and prosper, not live well! C'mon!

Elizabeth, South Africa said...

May I say that you look outrageously beautiful. Well, everyone, but you in particular, Renita. Live long and well and prosper x.

Unknown said...

Dear, dear Renita~ It has been a while since I've visited your blog,but lately you have come to mind and I was happy to catch up with your news. I am so very happy for you and Michael. You are a wonderful fit.
Bob was a treasured friend, and I'm so happy that we "found" each other again when you were in Liberia. I'm so happy that I got to "know" you through his wonderful blog. You are such an amazing woman. I would still love to meet you some day. And I must agree with Elizabeth, you are an outrageously beautiful bride. I pray many blessings upon your life together. Lori Lee