Monday, November 2, 2015

"I am not the problem; I am the solution."

One of the things that I have enjoyed studying is population growth, it's impact on poverty, the varying factors that contribute to it, and the subsequent impact on ministry.  Here are some facts:
  • The population of the earth is increasing by 1,000,000 people every 4.8 days. 
  •  Since the 1960s, the population has doubled, but the world GDP has increased by ten times and life expectancy has increased by twenty years.  That means that there are "twice as many people on the planet, living about 40% longer and each person is consuming many times what the average person in the 1960s did."  (UNEP Global Environmental Alert Services, "One Planet, How many people?  A review of Earth's Carrying Capacity," June 2012).
  • Current projections are that the world population will top out at about 9 billion in 2050 and remain that way for the rest of the 21st century.